Beta Comments – round two!

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Pitch in BCM325 – Future Studies, I participated in revision for 3 betas from 3 of my classmates.

Aysha’s the Future of Fake News

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 09.55.25

Aysha’s topic is extremely interesting but it can seem very broad, which is why in her Beta she tried to narrow the topic down in the future iteration of her D.A. My comment addressed quite well the aspects which she can focus on that relate directly with our lecture material, specifically the implications of A.I towards the future of news.  By providing her with some discussion questions, hopefully, this will assist Aysha with some direction in her future posts. 

I also suggested a look back to the foundational issues of Future Studies, specifically with the paradox of increasing democracy. Since fake news falls among the topic of media, surveillance, and politics, it would be worth assessing such an issue from the ground up to fully predict how it’s going to be in the future. 

I did not, however, comment on Aysha’s approach of her D.A, which is limiting on my part since she had decided to change her format from a video essay to blog post series. However, it is reassuring to see her changing the format to something she is more comfortable with. 

Saxon’s The Future of Music

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 08.56.50

Saxon’s DA addresses how the music industry would change in the future. In particular, he discusses how the impact of music artists would be on our lives with discussions on social media, technology, and the birth and death of such artists. 

Coming into Saxon’s Beta, I already have a familiarity with the topic since I am an active consumer of music products and read on the discussion on music on a weekly basis. Not just for me, Saxon has definitely chosen a topic that would resonate with a wider type of audience. His execution on his video essay and the passion he has for music has really aided him in producing a quality D.A. Noticing this, I have chosen to comment on his main concern with his DA which is to balance between the comments from his lecturer and his audience. 

In doing so, I suggested to him “keep a wide board of topics, but in assessing each one in your video essay, [he] can be more specific”. This is a common problem I found with BCM325 D.A and it has made me take a look back at my own. Although my DA with UOW Creative does not directly assess the Future Cultures, I can use my own comment here to shape my final contextual essay: relating UOW Creative with broader topics of Future Studies, but using specific examples and case studies to exemplify such connections.

Tom’s Future of VAR

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 09.39.57

Tom’s DA focus on the future of sports, in particular the future implication of VAR in soccer and how it would affect the sports industry in the future. 

Again, the issue of broadening or narrowing down the D.A’s topic is addressed in Tom’s Beta. However, I have found that his topic is narrowed down and focused enough to still capture the wider audience while engaging in deeper conversation on a particular topic. Not being a sports fan myself, I have quite enjoyed the process of giving feedback to Tom’s DA since it has given me a chance to read up about sports and its future trajectory. And as said in my comment, the concept of ‘novum’ can be applied even in soccer, which I find to be really interesting. Since I have always had a view on novum or A.I to be relating to wider topics, such as the creative or media industries, Tom’s DA has opened up my mind about the implications of our current technology in a wider sphere. And unlike the music or journalism sector, as I have commented on previously in which the future scene of AI taking over is unlikely, the sports sector or in particular the role of referees might be wiped out entirely by machinery. This future probe is truly fascinating and has got me thinking a lot about what other human-dominant sectors might be replaced

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