UOW Creative – Beta Pitch

UOW Creative, while being a university initiative dedicated to reflecting the ‘now’ of our UOW community, holds a great deal of potentials for the future for not only the creative industry, but also of our online persona.

As McLuhan said, electric technology allowed humanity to extend our inner selves and create an external central nervous system. And with the arrival of social media, we have a public visualisation of our psychological selves and our sense of identity (McLuhan, as mentioned in Lecture Week 8). UOW Creative is reaching out to students through these channels, through the portrayal of their online persona. And with our platform, we are creating a connected system of students’ creativity and expressions. In-person exhibitions will have to welcome more and more online galleries, static portfolios will give way to the connected portfolio. In general, the future of the creative industry means our online persona is only going to get more important. With regards to the university institution, where the industry’s talents are nurtured, initiatives such as UOW Creative is a crucial first step to ensure that the creative minds are heard and spread through the cybernetic system.

At its core, UOW Creative is contributing to the valuable resource of future economy: creativity. If in the past, our economy was built on natural resources and physical labour, the advancement of techonoly nowadays has allowed us to replicate those. However, with the rise of our cybernetic future, developing the full human and creative capabilities of each individual will put us back on “the path to economic and social prosperity”


6 thoughts on “UOW Creative – Beta Pitch

  1. Hi Mai,

    Just like your previous pitch post, you have done a great job on your post! I feel like there is very little for me to say. Your video was super well done, edited well, visually appealing, clear information and stats!
    You Have added in super well thought out links that add value to your post. You have shown clearly what you have been doing at UOW creative and sounds really interesting. The video you have added is very informative. You have linked back to the subject content well.
    I would have been interested to see some of your content posts in the blog post as examples. Good luck with the rest of your time working with UOW Creative.


  2. Hi Mai

    This is a cool project! I’ve been seeing UOW Creative pop up over the internet this semester so it’s nice to come across someone who has become part of it. While your video was pretty informative, I would’ve liked to have seen some examples of your specific posts or individual items you’ve worked on just to see here in the blog how they’re progressing, but I’ll keep my eye out on the socials for them!


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  4. Hi Mai,
    Woah you guys are doing such an amazing job at covering your bases and having strategies in place to engage and build a loyal audience! In terms of your beta presentation, I love how you started off with analytic statistics, it really got me interested in the techniques you and UOW creative have implemented. I also believe that your goals are extremely obtainable with the rate of growth you guys currently have.
    While watching your video I realised I was going to struggle with offering an idea for you to further your DA’s direction. One idea I did have, which would fall in line with UOWcreative’s desire to network, was that maybe you guys could create a re-occurring weekly episode on your stories, or something along that line, where you get a UOW alumni or UOW community member to discuss a topic or success story they have (or something along this line). Something like this might assist in your online community development and potentially help the account grow as followers or people interested in that person find the account!
    In this article, they suggest ‘building partnerships’ with online community development as well!
    Can’t wait to see you guys grow even more !! 😀


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