For my Digital Artefact in BCM325, I will be working with UOW Creative

This program addresses head-on with the core of BCM325 – Future Cultures in its innovative format and its focus on the creative industry.

In a discussion paper on Changes in the Educational Landscape, Matthews et al. (2018) point out the diversifying expectations from students around how education is delivered and received.

The overall trend of more favourable attitudes toward online delivery from prospective students and growth in lifelong learning for professionals signal a need to rethink the traditional, on-campus only model of learning.

With emerging competitors such as open universities or online courses, traditional campuses like UOW needs a way to keep up with the democratization of knowledge. UOW Creative, therefore, comes in as a digitized platform for the on-campus model. Techniques in oil-painting once only taught in studio hours can now be shared for students at home. Performances once enjoyed only in theaters can now be broadcasted through live streams and curated videos.

Especially with the current shift to remote campus, innovative ways of students still engaging with the creative industries will be collected and archived in a searchable location. This way, UOW Creative is creating a network of data points where the students’ creativity and needs are centered and being circulated.

On the other hand, UOW Creative also addresses the Future Cultures through its engagement with the Creative Industries. The $90 billion industry is only expected to be growing (Banks, 2018).  Predicted to be the heading point for the Australian economy back in 2011 (source), in 2019 the creative industries are still underexploited (source). It is quintessential now to realize that

Where the creative industries are headed is certainly more interdisciplinary. – Insight

In joining the ever-growing discourse around the Creative Industries, UOW Creative is set to explore the learning opportunities within the field. We will try to understand the significance of technology skill sets, which are “often overshadowed by old perceptions of what the Arts can contribute to the cultural and economic future of Australia” (Grushka).

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