Mate Ơi TV – A Beta

Oi Mate!! Mate Oi!!

Hearing comments from my pitch, my team is branching out and work with more platforms, the first being YouTubeSo far, we have 244 subscribers with an average view of 30 in our videos. It’s not the best compared to our Facebook page, but we have to start somewhere. 

That’s why we have partnered with Kenh14, as I have mentioned in the Beta Pitch. Kenh14 is basically the Buzzfeed of Vietnam, catering towards younger audiences with Celebrities gossips, lifestyle, fashion and education. Through seeing our potential, Kenh14 has decided to give us our own headings, which can be found here. This has completely changed the way we produce our videos. Now, we see them as educational videos: to help Vietnamese learn English through simple news coverage. 

Đọ khả năng Anh ngữ của sao Việt: Thanh Hà, Kỳ Duyên bắn như gió nhưng gây hài nhất là Anh Đức! - Ảnh 10.

Another interesting thing is our news posts. I have found myself in the middle of the Facebook News controversies and producing / reproducing news constantly. Through that process, I have found it extremely difficult to keep a 

piece of news completely objective. I only have the quota of 2 posts/ day, while hundreds of news are going on, I have to limit down and chose what headlines can go up → Bias 1. Not only that, gathering sources for the news require taking a stand/having an opinion to decide which information to keep and which to keep out, not to mention which one to highlight as a clickbaity title → Bias 2. 


Check out a post I wrote about the federal election where I had to choose the stand of international students. 

“[It’s argued that] an important element of sharing news on social media is the expression of a private state – a person’s opinion, emotion or view” – Welbers & Opgenhaffen, 2018. 









There will also be an update with Facebook Australia, where they will hide the number of likes following the Instagram controversy, which would be interesting to note with our further plan with Facebook posts. 

Let me know what you think!!


3 thoughts on “Mate Ơi TV – A Beta

  1. Hey Mai !

    So exciting to hear already the changes that have come since the pitch and your ongoing growth to now be partnering with other already successful platforms really proves you must be doing something right.
    Firstly I’d say that it seems that you and your team are very rapidly taking any negative comments or pointers that need changing and fixing it straight away, this is key to see the whole fail once fail often ideal as if you consistently trial the change now it can be trailed again after in time to see if it is working or not. This is a really important tool that i feel like your team should consistently strive to be like, as you mentioned there was text that the audience was struggling to read so you rearranged it to trail whether it would work or not, keep it up.

    Another note was the likes that the main audience was female viewers which i found interesting and wonder why, it could be interesting to look into the other analytics of other platforms similar to yours and see if they have similar issues, with this research you could even do a video discussing the topic of male and female audiences and where they get there news from. This could even lead to a new segment on your youtube platform of discussing different social topics of interest that spark confusing or means to further talk about.

    With some of your posts hitting 20k views practically gone viral along with branching out in collaboration with an already successful news outlet proves the professionalism that you and your team have created. With posting daily and at such a high standard in a sense it is important to have a communication within the whole team of the expectation of what posts are going up when, the tags are correct, the comments and finalisation.

    Overall though I feel there isn’t much to fault other than keep trailing the youtube channel, work with all the tools you can within each platform and work within your niche target market.

    Good work !

    Emma x

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  2. brookiyuki

    Hi Mai!

    It’s great to see Mate Oi TV’s growth since your pitch video.  Personally, I believe you have one of the most well-developed DA’s in the subject with a clear feedback loop and future direction.  It’s clear that your page is doing well, as your growing following reflects, and you’ve been able to back up why this is through user information and by tracking engagement.  This is the sort of project that I can see developing into a huge career opportunity for everyone involved!

    I love that you have diversified your content across Facebook.  By providing a mixture of breaking news, memes and videos, you’re ensuring engagement through humour whilst maintaining a sense of professionalism.  It’s a hard line to walk, and you and your team are doing it well.

    Speaking of professionalism, I love the quality of your original videos and it’s clear that these videos are resonating with viewers.  Congratulations on your partnership with Kenh14 – it’s a massive step!  Focusing on videos moving forward seems to be the smartest option, considering how much traffic they are bringing in across the globe.

    On that note, however – it seems as though Facebook is your main platform, and although growing your Youtube channel is a good idea, I don’t think it should take over your video content.  Continuing to post videos directly to Facebook and using Youtube as a secondary landing platform may be more effective from an engagement point of view.  Perhaps your website could embed videos from Youtube once a website is established?

    All in all, your project’s growth and quality keeps amazing me.  Keep it up!

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