#BCM215 Comments Round 2!

In creating a feedback loop for my peers for their Beta in BCM215 – Game Media, I participated in revision for 3 exciting projects from 3 of my classmates.

Floyd’s Look at Minecraft Gaming Video Success


In his Beta, Floyd decided to narrow down his analysis scope and focus on one case study of Gaming Video which is Minecraft. He plans to look at the success of content surrounding Minecraft on two platforms: Youtube and Twitch.

His beta was good in reframing his focus and allows for more concise research. His intention was clear and he had the right tools to go forward with his DA (statistic sources, academic and relevant media sources). However, I suggested before analysis the success of Minecraft content, he should look at how Minecraft allows for content creation in the first place. How has Minecraft become such a meme source. One possible answer I have given is because of Minecraft’s genre: sandbox, which allows for maximum creativity and investment of personality. I also advised him to take a look at the platforms itself: what are the differences between Youtube and Twitch in regards to facilitating gaming content.

I also recommended Floyd to look into affect as a possible angle in Minecraft’s appeal. This is also where I think I can improve since I didn’t do a good job in explaining the concept and relating it to Floyd’s DA. In the future, I would draw on more relatable subjects.

Harrison’s World of Warcraft: Exploring the Rift between Current and Classic

Harrison set out to explore the2019-09-26.png current debate within the World of Warcraft community over the Current and Classic version which has recently been brought back. He clearly indicates his framework for his analysis, which consists of three aspects: Political Economy, Technical Strata and Post-structuralism meaning making of Nostalgia.

His Beta video continues to be one of the best-edited and formulated I have watched so far and it clearly translates his passion for this project. His research is thorough and I admire the fact that he sat down with the lecturer to discuss the progress of the DA, which, again, shows dedication.

In adding to his existing sources, I suggest taking a look into Player Agency as an attractive feature to WoW Classic as compared to the Current Version and providing a source of a WoW community for Harrison to gain insights from the players themselves. I also recommended for him to view video games, or WoW in particular, as platforms that allow for Participatory Culture. This concept might be helpful in reasoning how has WoW players have the power to bring back the Classic version.

I also suggests a video as reference to both his content and his video essay formation. In the future, I would recommend more sources for video editing or useful tips to generate a certain type of DA.

Nicole’s The Fix Up 

2019-09-26 (1)

Nicole’s DA focuses on “exploring how nostalgia is one of the main driving forces behind companies creating remakes and remasters of games”, with a specific case study of Crash Team Racing (CTR).

Her beta outlines her structuralist and post-structuralist approach towards her analysis as well as presenting relevant sources. She is drawing on this topic through a game she is passionate about, which will serve well in her analysis. Her video has a really cool opening and keeps up with the overall theme of the DA.

I added to her analysis approach a framework to really guide her research. Although the structuralist, post-structuralist approach is a start, adding nodes into her study (Technical Strata or modalities, or spatiality, or political economy) will be beneficial in making her DA more profound. I also suggest Nicole to look into nostalgia in video games. Rather than asking the question ‘how’, it might be interesting to look into ‘why’ as well. Why are video games the outlet for such nostalgia craze? 

I also commented on her video curation and providing a reference video that has done well for takeaways. Although, I should comment more on the how since I myself am aware of the time and effort it takes to make a visually-packed video. In the future, I would look into ways to make videos that are both appealing and fits into the F.I.S.T motto.



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