BCM302 – Pitch reviews!

Emma’s strawssuckau (DA Link / Pitch Link)

I was very attracted to your pitch and your D.A since I can sense this is something you’re truly passionate about! You have a good sense of where you want to go with your DA, especially the specification of your audience to be university students and young people based on Wollongong. I think it is of utter importance to define your targeted audience to drive your content in the long run.

Having a look through your Instagram, I would suggest a few types of contents to diversify your feed:

  • Photos of people: featuring people and faces on your Instagram generally would gain more traffic to your account. According to SproutSocial, Instagram posts with faces in them get 38% more likes than those without. Plus, it builds your brand recognition and trust if you have a few familiar faces featuring frequently!
  • Plastic-free shops/restaurants/coffee places, etc in Wollongong: in this way you will build more attraction through followers tagging other people. Location suggesting or check-ins would be really helpful to bring more audience to your page.
  • Create a recognisable trait: it can be your logo, or a way of editing, a certain filter, anything that would make people associate it with strawssuckau
  • Make sure to promote your content across multiple platforms! (Reddit, instagram, Facebook)

The utility of your D.A in raising awareness in plastic-use is spot-on the very much in-demand right now. Very excited to see what comes next!

Brooke’s aestheictutorials (DA Link / Pitch Link)

Super practical DA indeed which shows how you’ve got your targeted audience and your utility all set up. You know where you’re going with this and I like that your DA serves a very practical need of not only us uni students but for whoever is interested in coding.

There are some podcasts dedicated to coding out there which I think you may find helpful in starting out your project. Codenewbie is one that stands out and proves to be the most popular. You can also utilise their platform to promote your own podcast as well.

In terms of the execution, I think it would be really helpful to not limit your DA to only podcast or only audio. Since while studying, it is best to have lecture notes or a transcript for the learners to follow up later on. It would also be helpful if you would develop short exercises along the way for the learners to engage in the tutorials.

The matter of engaging audience in a podcast is also important. Especially with learning audio, I would suggest to break up the tutorials in small parts (5-10 minutes segments) to create flexibility and also to create a richer feedback loops.

That’s all I have for now! Excited to learn all about coding in your DA!



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