Mate Oi TV – #BCM302 Pitch

A representative from Mate Oi TV is saying hello! 

I’m a part of a team of 13 media-driven people, hoping to change the video and digital game for Australian education by creating a platform that would resonate with Vietnamese community in Australia, which amounts up to nearly 300,000 people.


We’ve been running since December 2018 with successful outcomes as a media start-up. Our Facebook page (our main outlet atm) is reaching 7000 likes, with an average number of video reaches of 40,000 and views of 15,000. We are slowly becoming a popular destination for Vietnamese students, as well as Australian community interested in Vietnamese culture. 

mate oi.gif

Our channel has a consistent turnout of content, with a minimum 2 posts/day and 1 video/ week. All content is Australian related and has to be relevant to the Vietnamese community: local events highlights, mini news-coverage, weather reports, relatable memes,…Thanks to the large amount of content, we gain great feedback loops from the audience (from likes and shares statistics to comments). We are constantly testing out new media formats and grow with the channel. 

If you have any suggestions, please drop it in the comment below!

3 thoughts on “Mate Oi TV – #BCM302 Pitch

  1. Hi Mai Dang !
    I’ve watched your pitch video and found it fascinating the work and team you have put together and how fast you have grown, to be able to post such well edited and executed content daily and only just starting out it months ago. So with your rapid growth and huge audience engagement I feel is from you really analysing who your target market is and how you can find them, what they want and providing it.

    I would continue using face book as your main means for production and continue to post as regularly as you are but possibly stepping up other socials like you mentioned you tube when speaking with you in class and how you would want to change the content up from not just being a news outlet but entertainment as well. I think there is no harm in trying as long as you have your fall back of face book continuing the growth and dynamic its going at while then testing out these new waters of you tube videos. I would say also that if you are too start videos such as ” Australian tries Vietnamese foods for the first time” which are popular videos on this platform would be to ensure you keep the format as professional level as you having for the news videos. You could practice with different microphones and cameras the University has to offer and even post in our BCM class if anyone would want to be on the channel; really use your surrounding equipment and persons that would possibly keen to help or help execute this process.

    Lastly you touched on a segment you covered at Vivid with a Vietnamese artist you had his work there and covered the story, I was wondering if you ever reached out to the artist himself to see if they would possibly want to do an interview or a talk through the process. This way you could possibly gain more attraction for the artist and more exposure for your own page, a harmless win win that could allow you to take this project to the next step.

    Overall I think you have a very good team and idea about where you wanna take this and a through a niche target market and consistency you will continue to excel.

    Thanks x


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