Everything is connected to everything

More and more objects are being made able to connect to the internet, aka the 'internet of things'. With the phenomenon, information becomes decentralised as a web of smart devices emerges and interconnects. Objects are now able to bypass the physical limitation and have the sensory capacity to react to its surrounding environment. As there …

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Future of Cyberwar

Along with the guns and the battlefields, there now exists another form of war: cyber warfare. It is extremely costly for a nation-state to build a nuclear missile, but it is immensely cheaper and easier to develop a cyber weapon that has an equal effect! With just a team sitting down with a computer system, …

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Walled gardens: the beautiful and damned

Walled gardens - a closed ecosystem in which all the operations are controlled by the ecosystem operator. - Pierre de Poulpiquet Most, if not all, of my time on the internet is spent on social media platforms: from Facebook, Instagram, to more 'traditional' ones like Netflix. Each one serves for its own purpose and offers me a …

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